Don’t Fight Emotions

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Sometimes you just feel tired. Whether you are running a business or you have a salaried job. Whether you are a student trying to finish university or a teacher trying to finish the school year. Sometimes you just feel tired.

You have three choices. You can try to fight the emotion and get yourself “pumped up”. This might work short term. And that short term might last two days or about 10 minutes, depending on how strong willed you are. But for most people, this doesn’t last very long and it is not a long-term solution.

Your second choice is to ignore it. Yes, you are tired but you have a to-do list to finish. Yes, you are falling asleep but you have a test tomorrow. So you are just going to keep going and ignore the feelings. Again, this will work but you will not be at your best.

I want to offer you another option. Don’t fight your emotions, listen to them. What if your emotions were just a way for your body and mind to send you a message? What message is being sent that you don’t want to listen to?

Often, when we are feeling tired and uninspired it is simply that we forgot our “why”. Why are you doing this? When we remember the reason for why we are doing this and really internalize its importance, we are reinvigorated. When a teacher remembers that he is changing students’ lives, he may not be as tired. When a chef is reminded of the joy and satisfaction that her diners get, it helps to make the next dish a little more perfect.

Sometimes when we are feeling tired it is a signal that we are on the wrong path. If you are starting up a business and having trouble connecting with customers, perhaps you have not identified your ideal customer.

So when you are feeling “life tired”, don’t just keep pushing through. Take a break and figure out what is going on. Then overcome the overwhelm and enjoy life!

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