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Is Self-Leadership for you?

Well, that depends. I know I sound like such an academic when I say that 😊 but it is true.

Some people are very happy following others, taking orders, keeping their head down and living life quietly. And there are others who cannot take orders and cannot allow themselves to be lead by others and want to figure things out on their own, even if that will include some mistakes. So, is self-leadership for you, you decide.

Isn’t that a bit of a paradox? Even if you choose that self-leadership is not for you, you are showing some self-leadership.

Now let’s throw in another consideration. Perhaps, sometimes it is for you and sometimes it isn’t. In my work at university, when it comes to curriculum and the best way to teach the students, I am 100% in self-leadership mode. When it comes to administration and how things run, I let other lead and I have less of an opinion. That shows that self-leadership can change with  context.

What does this all mean to you. That you have to do some thinking for yourself. You have to be mindful of the parts of your life where the outcome really matters to you and you want to take the lead in your own life, and those areas where you are willing to take a back seat and let others lead. (and, of course, this can change over time and in different circumstances!)

When you make mindful choices about all these things you will be living a purpose driven life. And, no, I am not talking about Rick Warren’s book, but if that is your thing, go for it. I am talking about is not letting your life blow in the wind but having a set goal in life and living life to reach it. Are you ready for that? Then learn more about self leadership and how you can achieve greatness.  

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